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Genesis Sod Farm - 5 Reasons to Ditch the Can and Go Electric On Indy Sod Farm

1. Money Saver
By switching from fuel-powered lawn equipment to battery powered you will save money on the fuel needed to run your machines. Instead of spending money on gas and oil every time you need to run your equipment you can just plug in a battery that has been charging overnight. You will get numerous uses for the price of one battery.
2. Personalization
Switching to electric gives you the opportunity to customize your experience. Products can be customized by swapping out parts such as turning a hedge trimmer into a leaf blower with ease. Battery voltages are also customizable, most range from 40V, 80V, or 120V and you can buy as many as you need.
3. Beginner Friendly
Electric is beginner friendly! If you’re in the beginning stages of your lawncare journey you won’t have to worry about making sure fluids are full or if you put them in the right spot. Simply slip in your battery of choice and off you go. Many electric lines offer baseline kits that come with whatever tool you need, a battery, and a charger included in the kit.
4. Environmentally Friendly
Gasoline has negative effects on the environment and the operator. Gas is easily spilled while refueling products, that gas then seeps into our groundwater and the rest evaporates into the air. There are no spills with electric power. Electric equipment does not produce emissions like gas products. The emissions are breathed in by the operator and can cause serious health issues over time.
5. Less Maintenance
Electric lawn care products require much less maintenance and function without costly tune-ups. Many electric products come with a warranty and a broken or defective part will be replaced.

Electric lawn care equipment isn’t for everyone, and if you prefer your fuel-powered products, we get it! For those with smaller lawns, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the ever-growing world of technology has made its way to lawn care. If you’ve been interested in ditching the can and making the switch, we can help you!

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