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How to Fix Your Lawn?

Patchy lawns can be discouraging, but achieving a better lawn is possible. If your lawn suffers from brown or bare patches, sod offers an instant lawn repair. 

Sodding your yard has benefits beyond a lush and beautiful, green yard. It betters you, your community, and the planet. Of course, everyone dreams of having the perfect yard, but surprisingly enough, not many people know the difference between mainstream, big-box products and professional-grade products. This difference is what transforms a good lawn into a showplace lawn – and that’s where Genesis Farms can help. We offer premium fescue and bluegrass sod to homeowners and include sod installation.

These grasses are made to withstand the conditions of hot and humid Indiana summers, as well as cold and snowy winters, giving you a beautiful yard for years to come.

Our Products


Genesis Farms produces the highest quality rhizomatous tall fescue available in the marketplace today. Jacklin Seed Company provides Genesis Farms with a unique and proprietary seed stack for our fescue grass that is only available to us. Its thin blade competes with the aesthetics of bluegrass, but has superior heat and drought tolerance for a greener lawn during those hot Indiana summer months. Our fescue also features a rhizomatous later growth of fine-bladed turf, meaning that it has a fast recovery due to wear from kids, dogs, or sports!


Jacklin Seed Company creates a custom bluegrass seed mixture, exclusively used by Genesis Sod Farms. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality bluegrass seed available in Central Indiana. Combining the best traits of Navy, Beyond, Glacier, and Jackpot Bluegrass seed, our result is a beautifully thick and healthy bluegrass lawn. It’s fast to germinate when seeded, highly adaptable to different environmental conditions, has a distinctly darker green color, and provides high natural resistance to weeds and disease

Why Genesis Sod Farms?

We grow more than sod, we grow memories. The backyard is the hub for families – with kids running around and playing, barbecues and grill-outs on the back deck, and a beautiful, well-landscaped yard to tie it all together. Genesis Sod Farms helps your backyard to be a haven for your family and a place where all can come together. From holiday gatherings to cozy nights by the fire, we give you the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

Founded in 2009, Genesis Sod Farms is a family-owned business focused solely on being the most trusted sod and seed provider for Central Indiana. We consistently deliver the highest quality product in the marketplace, with exceptional service and competitive sod pricing. We offer full installation for our sod and landscape material, as well as other products to help maintain your beautiful and lush yard.

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