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Genesis Sod Farms MowRo for Indianapolis Sod

Starting in 2022, Genesis Sod Farms in conjunction with Genesis Sod Solutions will be selling the new robot lawn mower, the MowRo. Efficient and quiet, this autonomous mower comes in three different models making it easier to find the perfect fit for your specific lawn care needs. Curious about how this new technology works? We’re here to help!

How does it work?

The MowRo has two stages. To begin the mowing process, boundary wires are installed underground around the perimeter of the yard. This allows the mower to cut as close as possible to the edge of the yard. In stage one, the MowRo leaves the charging deck and follows the boundary wires around the yard.

In stage two, the MowRo begins cutting in a randomized pattern. This random cutting ensures that your yard is being cut in different directions which leaves no uncut grass and produces a beautiful-looking lawn. During this stage, the MowRo may begin to run low on battery. If that is the case, the mower knows to follow the boundary line back to the dock to charge up before heading back out in a random pattern, hitting the spots it did not reach in the first cycle. The MowRo will continue this process on its own, stopping only when your yard is completely cut.

What’s the difference in models?

The MowRo comes in three different models, the most basic being the RM18, then the RM24, and lastly, the RM24-SMRT. One key to deciding which model is right for your needs is looking at the maximum work area for each one. The RM18 can cover a lawn up to 6,534 ft2 while the RM24 and RM24-SMRT can cover 10,890 ft2. Other factors include working time before needing to charge, the RM18 having a 45-minute work time and the RM24 and RM24-SMRT having a 90-minute work time. If you are unsure of which model may be right for you, we are happy to consult with you before you make your decision.

As technology continues to find ways to make home care as painless and simple as possible, the MowRo is a perfect addition to those eager to keep their lawn looking happy and healthy.

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