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Genesis Sod Farms - Sod Installation Indianapolis

What to expect

One thing often overlooked by homeowners when preparing for an installation of sod is the proper prep work that must be done to ensure successful turf growth after the project is complete. The area where the sod is installed must be free of all vegetation and smoothed to a level surface. (Genesis Farms can provide this service when we install your sod for you)

We recommend fertilizing the new sod immediately after installation with a triple formulation such as a 12-12-12 or 19-19-19. These formulations ensure the new sod will have plenty of nutrients to root down quickly and have the food source for vigorous top growth that will help fill in the seams.

Tips for maintaining your investment

Water immediately after installation and fertilization. For the first week, moisture levels should be high with the surrounding soil saturated with water. Typically ½-hour watering per station in the morning and another ½ hour watering per station mid-afternoon is enough to accomplish the proper moisture level. After the sod has rooted down, watering can change to deep water cycles every two to three days. Every lawn and soil structure is different. We will advise you on the proper watering technique for your property’s unique characteristics.

In most cases, mowing cannot be performed on the new sod for two to three weeks. Then your new sod should be mowed at a level of 3 ½ to 4-inches. The taller the better for turf health. We recommend always mowing your Fescue or Bluegrass lawn at 4-inches for optimum health and thickness.

Our Process

Should you choose to have your sod installed by Genesis Farms installers, we normally use the following process:

1. Site review with the customer

2. Identify any issues that may prevent a successful sod installation and offer solutions for customer

3. Prep installation area by removing all previous vegetation and level sod area to smooth

4. Prep the sod delivery area

5. Install Sod

6. Fertilize sod

7. Begin watering process.

Let's work together.

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