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Picture this, after being cooped up in an office building all day followed by a commute home, the one thing on your mind is rest. Husband is on the grill, kids are running around with the dog, and you’re relaxing with your favorite, ice-cold, drink. There is one thing bringing the family together, the backyard. At Genesis Sod Farms we grow more than turf. Allow your backyard to be a haven for every family member. From holiday gatherings to cozy nights by the fire, we will give you the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

Do you know what pairs perfectly with a swing set and grill? That’s right a lush, green lawn.

Sodding your yard has immense benefits for you, your community, and the planet. A sod lawn could be considered ‘Nature’s air conditioner”. Grass surfaces play a big part in lowering the temperature as compared to cement and asphalt surfaces. The cool sensation felt while walking on grass is real. The amount of CO2 has risen drastically in the last few years, especially in urban/suburban areas. Turfgrass helps lessen the number of harmful greenhouse gasses present using photosynthesis. Creating a healthier environment for you and your family, while also having a stellar-looking yard is a win-win.

Many homeowners enjoy caring for their lawn but surprisingly enough, do not realize the difference between mainstream products vs. professional-grade products that can transform a good lawn to a showplace lawn. Genesis Farms now offers our premium fescue and bluegrass sod to homeowners including the installation.

Looking for a more affordable way to get that showplace lawn? We offer the exact same proprietary seed blends that we grow at our farms. Seed your entire lawn and watch it transform. We can help you every step of the way with free expert consultation throughout the entirety of your grow-in project. We also carry professional-grade fertilizer formulations that meet your lawn’s specific needs.

Our professionally certified agronomic consultants will meet with you at your property free of charge to evaluate and recommend exactly what you need to get your lawn looking the way you want it to look!

Learn about what to expect when getting a sod yard.

What's the difference between sodding and seeding?

In sodding, you or your professional install strips of pre-grown grass on exposed and prepared soil. The sod sets up within 2-3 weeks and makes for an instantly green lawn. Professional farmers grow this grass and harvest it on farms across the country.

For seeding, you or your professional must test and prep the soil extensively. Measure and perfect the pH levels of the soil and distribute the seeds throughout the yard by way of a hand-caster.

Which is better for your lawn—Sod or Seed?

Sod is good for

  • Immediate Results

  • Preventing Soil Erosion

  • Less Restrictive Installation Times

  • Blocking Weeds

  • Low Maintenance

  • DIY or Professionally Installed

Seed is good for

  • No-Rush Results

  • Smaller Budgets

  • Greater Number of Options

  • Easy Patching and Reseeding

  • Flexibility

  • DIY or Proffessionally Seeded

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