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How Much Sod Do You Need for Your Indianapolis Lawn? A Comprehensive Guide


At Genesis Sod Farms, our expert team understands the unique challenges of maintaining a lush, green lawn in this region, and we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect sod solution for your property. If you find yourself asking “how much sod do I need to purchase for my lawn?”, we’re here to help! By understanding the factors that determine sod quantity, you can make an informed decision and create a stunning landscape for your home or business.

How to Measure Your Lawn Area

Begin by measuring the length and width of your lawn in feet. If your lawn has an irregular shape, break it down into smaller rectangles, squares, or triangles. Measure each section separately and note the dimensions.

Calculate the area of each section by using the appropriate formula:

For rectangles and squares, multiply length by width.

For triangles, multiply the base by the height and divide by 2.

Add the area of all sections to determine the total square footage of your lawn.

To account for any waste or trimming, add 5% to the total square footage.

At Genesis Sod Farms, our experts offer free consultations and evaluations which include a full measurement of your lawn and an estimate of sod quantity. Call us today at +1-317-773-2900 or fill out our online form to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your sod project.

How to Determine the Quantity of Sod Needed

Sod is typically sold in square feet or by the pallet, with each pallet covering a specific area. At Genesis Sod Farms, our pallets cover approximately 450 square feet. To calculate the number of pallets you need:

Divide the total square footage of your lawn (including the additional 5% for waste) by the coverage provided by one pallet (450 square feet).

Round up the result to the nearest whole number. This will ensure that you have enough sod to complete your project, even if you need to trim or discard some pieces.

Other Factors to Consider

Soil Preparation: Proper soil preparation is crucial for the successful establishment of your new sod. Ensure that the soil is tilled and leveled, with any debris or rocks removed. A good-quality topsoil should also be added if needed.

Delivery and Installation: Consider the logistics of getting the sod to your property and installing it. Genesis Sod Farms offers convenient delivery options, and we can also recommend professional installers in the Indianapolis area to ensure a seamless experience.

Climate and Grass Variety: The Indianapolis region experiences a mix of hot summers and cold winters, which can impact the performance of certain grass types. Consult with our experts to determine the most suitable sod variety for your specific needs.


Calculating the amount of sod needed for your Indianapolis lawn may seem daunting, but with the right measurements and guidance from Genesis Sod Farms, you can confidently embark on your sod installation project. Remember, our knowledgeable team is always here to help you make the best choices for your unique landscape.

Ready to transform your lawn? Call us today at +1-317-773-2900 or fill out our online form to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your sod project. Let Genesis Sod Farms help you create the lawn of your dreams!

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