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As homeowners, we understand the frustration of seeing our once lush, green lawns succumb to disease and damage. But fear not, for the experts are here to guide you through the common turfgrass diseases prevalent in Central Indiana and provide effective solutions to restore your lawn’s health and beauty.

Pythium Root Rot: One of the most notorious turfgrass diseases in Central Indiana is Pythium Root Rot. This fungal infection thrives in conditions of excessive nitrogen, moisture, and high temperatures, particularly when nighttime temperatures remain above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Over-watering exacerbates the issue. To combat Pythium Root Rot, opt for deep watering practices 2x a week and invest in a fungicide like Headway by Syngenta, readily available at your local lawn and garden center.

Dollar Spot: Another prevalent disease, especially in spring and fall, is Dollar Spot. Once again, the culprit is high nitrogen levels and excessive moisture. Utilize a systemic fungicide such as Mancozeb (brand name Fore) to effectively control Dollar Spot. This product can be conveniently found at your nearby lawn and garden store.

Brown Patch: As the name suggests, Brown Patch manifests as circular patches of brown, dead grass. This disease is fueled by the same trifecta of excessive nitrogen, moisture, and high temperatures. Treat Brown Patch with Headway by Syngenta for optimal results.

Leaf Spot: Like its counterparts, Leaf Spot is a consequence of imbalanced nitrogen levels, over-watering, and high temperatures. Address Leaf Spot promptly with contact fungicides to halt its spread and protect your lawn.

Despite their different names, the common turfgrass diseases in Central Indiana share striking similarities in their causes and symptoms. If you’re experiencing any of these issues in your lawn, don’t hesitate to reach out, our office number is 317. 773. 2900. Our team of skilled professionals offers free diagnoses and treatment plans to help restore your lawn to its vibrant, healthy state. Remember, with the right knowledge and treatment, you can overcome these challenges and enjoy a thriving lawn year-round.


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