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Genesis Sod Farms - Cool Season Grasses at Sod Farm Indianapolis

Cool-season grasses are preferred in Indiana due to their mostly cooler climates year-round. Cool-season grasses include Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescues, Bentgrass, and Ryegrasses. They thrive in the cool months of the fall and spring, whereas growth slows during the warmer, summer months. One benefit of having cool-season grasses is they stay green in the winter. For some homeowners, having a green lawn for as long as possible is of primary importance. So cool season lawn grasses will be their best choice. Fescue is one of the toughest cool-season grasses due to its ability to resist drought and hardiness.

We sell both Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. It is a personal preference on which kind you choose for your green spaces.

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