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Genesis Sod Farms - Environmentally friendly ways Indianapolis sod can help the earth and your community!

As surprising as it may seem, adding sod grass to your yard can have an environmentally positive impact spanning much farther than your back yard.

Grass absorbs and purifies rainwater.

Grass helps reduce runoff by capturing and filtering rainwater.

Cleans the air.

Grass absorbs greenhouse gasses. Carbon Dioxide, for example, is absorbed through grass, and oxygen is produced. This means your lawn can provide most of the oxygen you breathe!

Protects soil and prevents erosion.

Grass protects the soil from wind and water erosion. The roots intertwine, keeping soil in place. Grass is a perennial plant, meaning it dies in the winter months and grows back in the spring by itself. During this time the dead roots provide organic material to the soil. This improves the quality of the soil, making it more fertile.

Dust and allergens.

In addition to this, grass also reduces the number of dust particles in the air. The grass holds soil in place so the wind is not able to blow it around.

Natures air conditioner

Grasses provide a cooling effect. Ground temperatures stay 30 degrees cooler when covered by grass which means houses surrounded by grass will stay cooler!

It is truly amazing that something as simple as grass can have such a positive impact on your family and community. Grass additions in urban and suburban areas provide not only environmental benefits but can add a pop of color in a sometimes gray, drab city.


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