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Genesis Sod Farms Now is the Time to Remove Weeds for Fall Overseeding of Your Indianapolis Sod

Believe it or not, the calendar has already rolled around to August and before we realize it, it will be early fall and our thoughts will turn to repairing the stresses the summer heat brought upon our lawns.

A great practice for a healthy and nice-looking lawn is to aerify and overseed in the Fall. The window for planting Fall grass seed begins around the Labor Day weekend and runs through mid-October. The earlier you aerify and overseed your lawn the better results you will see.

Another pro-tip for a successful fall overseed is to spray for weeds that have crept into your lawn over the summer. Even if you used pre-emergence weed control last Spring, the residual effects have begun to wear off by August and some break-through weeds will appear. Spray them out with a selective herbicide such as Trimec (available at almost all retail stores that sell lawn herbicides) and try to spray at least two weeks before your scheduled aerification and overseeding. Remember to fertilize your new seed with a starter fertilizer (one that has a high amount of phosphorus) and water appropriately for maximum seed germination!

With just a few well-timed processes, you will set your lawn up to be a Springtime showcase for your neighbors to envy!

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