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As the vibrant colors of spring begin to flourish, it’s the perfect time to ensure your lawn maintains its lush green vitality throughout the season. Late spring marks a crucial period for nurturing established lawns, and one essential practice to consider is fertilization with a focus on weed control. Pre-emergence fertilizers become invaluable tools in combating unwanted intruders while fortifying your lawn’s health.

Late spring fertilizing serves as a strategic investment in your lawn’s well-being. As temperatures rise and daylight extends, grass enters a phase of vigorous growth. However, so do weeds. By providing your lawn with the nutrients it craves at this crucial juncture, you empower it to outcompete invasive plants while fostering dense, resilient turf.

Apply April 15th – May 1st

For late spring fertilization with a pre-emergence focus, we recommend a 19-0-06 fertilizer blend. This formulation, with its higher nitrogen content and absence of phosphorus, promotes robust top growth while inhibiting weed germination. Remember, timing is key. Apply the fertilizer when the soil temperature reaches around 55°F (13°C), typically around late April to early May in many regions.

When applying the 19-0-06 fertilizer, ensure even distribution across your lawn. A spreader is an invaluable tool for achieving uniform coverage. Aim for a rate of 1 pound of fertilizer per 1,000 square feet of lawn area. Take care not to overlap applications, as this can lead to uneven growth and potential burning of the grass.

Top Tip:
After applying the fertilizer, water your lawn lightly to help activate the product and drive it into the soil. This encourages efficient absorption by the grass roots while minimizing the risk of runoff. Additionally, avoid mowing for a couple of days post-application to allow the fertilizer to settle and do its magic undisturbed.

In conclusion, late spring fertilizing with a pre-emergence focus is a proactive measure to safeguard your lawn’s health and beauty. By choosing the right fertilizer blend and applying it with precision, you equip your lawn to thrive while thwarting the advances of unwanted weeds. Embrace this opportunity to nurture your lawn, and you’ll reap the rewards of a vibrant, weed-free oasis all season long.


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