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Maintaining Your Mowing equipment

Just like our cars, our fuel and battery lawn equipment needs maintenance. There’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting in the mood to cut your lawn after a long winter season and your equipment not working to its highest ability. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth cut every time:

Add a fuel stabilizer
When fuel sits for more than 30 days it has a high chance of clogging up your carburetor. Adding a fuel stabilizer will allow the fuel to flow as it’s supposed to.
Routine oil changes
Changing the oil extends the life of the engine. Don’t overfill as too much oil can be just as bad as not having enough.
Get a reliable battery
If your lawn equipment is battery-powered, making sure you have fully charged batteries will make maintenance a breeze.
 Keep the deck clean
Reduce rust building up by clearing debris from your mower deck. Rinse with water and then wipe clean. It is also possible to use a silicon spray to prevent any future build-up.
Sharpen blades
Blades are the most crucial part of lawn maintenance. Equipment with dull blades must work harder to cut grass. Having sharp blades will ensure the life of your equipment by not pushing the engine to work overtime.
Clean the air filters
Once again, a dirty air filter will have the machine working overtime to get a simple cut. You can clean an air filter with a mild detergent or replace it if it is too worn.
Check tire pressure
Proper tire pressure can impact how to level the grass is cut. Low tire pressure in one or more tires will cause your grass to be cut unevenly. Routinely check the air pressure to ensure a good ride and less stress being put on the engine.

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