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Pre-emergent Timing

What is Ere-Emergent?
Pre-emergence, also known as herbicides, are weed killers used on already-established lawns. Their purpose is to prevent the growth and spread of weeds before they sprout. They are chemically designed to leave other areas of your lawn undisturbed and only attack unwanted vegetation.

When To Apply?
Early spring and fall. Apply pre-emergent during this time to get ahead of weeds by starting mid-March. Pre-emergent can be applied throughout the year and will still prevent weeds, but most weeds sprout during early spring and fall. If your application is too early it will lose its effectiveness by the time those pesky weeds sprout, especially if spring is cold and the soil is still on its way to warming up.

We sell two types of pre-emergences: 14-0-4 with Prodiamine and 13-0-3 with Dimension.

Both are weed killers, Prodiamine is newer, has a yellow color, and doesn’t stain as much as similar products. Dimension is more water-soluble. These solutions can also be mixed.

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