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Genesis Lawn Solutions - Simple Lawn Fertility Program to Have Your Indianapolis Sod Looking Like a Pro Cares for It

With Spring just around the corner, we all are excited about getting out of the house and to start tinkering around the yard. If you’re wanting a great-looking lawn this year, that looks like a pro cares for your property, but enjoy doing the applications yourself… here are a few tips and an easy program to help make your lawn look its best all season!

Mowing Height: The single biggest mistake people make when caring for their lawn is they mow the grass too short. Mostly, I hear people say they mow the lawn short, so they do not have to mow it as often. This is a mistaken train of thought. Whether one mows the lawn short or at taller heights, it must be mowed the same amount. Think of it this way; Some people get their haircut short while others prefer to keep it longer. The hair outgrows its cut in the same amount of time and both people end up back at their local stylist the same day to get their cut back into shape. Always mow your grass around 4-inches tall. This will give your lawn a much lusher appearance and allow your turf to better withstand summer stresses like heat, drought, and traffic from kids and dogs! The best setting on your mower should be the highest or second-highest setting.

Fertility and Weed Control: To be successful here, timing is everything! Follow the timing of dates below for great results!

1. March 21 – April 7: 28-0-4 w/ Preemergence Weed Control at the half-label rate. (We recommend Pendimethylin or Dimension).

2. April 21 – May 7: 28-0-4 w/ Preemergence Weed Control at the half-label rate.

  • By using two half rates 30 days apart, the residual control lasts longer without having to use more wed control making this an environmentally friendly procedure for weed control.

3. June 1: 19-19-19 at ½ pound N-P-K per 1000 sq. ft.

4. July – August: Spot spray by hand Trimec for any breakthrough weeds.

5. August 21 – September 7: 19-19-19 at 1 pound N-P-K per 1000 sq. ft.

Where do I get the fertilizers mentioned above?: At Genesis Farms we offer all professional-grade products for the homeowner, and in most cases, we can deliver them to your home. If you have any questions about the program above, feel free to contact me (Mike Brown, President, Genesis Farms) at my e-mail address, or, give me a shout on the phone at (317) 658-4783. I would even be happy to stop by and look at your lawn if you would like, at no charge.

Here’s to wishing you a wonderful summer and a fantastic healthy lawn to enjoy!

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