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Understanding the Square Footage Coverage of a Pallet of Sod in Indianapolis

Planning a sod installation project in Indianapolis requires accurate estimations of the amount of sod needed to cover your lawn area. Knowing how many square feet a pallet of sod covers is crucial for budgeting and ensuring you have the right amount of sod to transform your outdoor space. In this blog post, we will explore the square footage coverage of a pallet of sod in Indianapolis.

The Square Footage Coverage of a Full Pallet:

A full pallet of small sod rolls consists of 60 rolls and covers a total of 600 square feet. This means that each roll on the pallet covers an average of 10 square feet. 

Factors to Consider for Accurate Estimation:

Additional factors to consider when estimating the amount of coverage a pallet of sod will cover are:

Overlaps and Wastage:

During the installation process, it is common to have slight overlaps between adjacent sod rolls to achieve a seamless and uniform appearance. Additionally, some wastage may occur due to trimming or irregularly shaped areas. Accounting for a small percentage of additional sod, typically 5% to 10%, will help ensure you have enough sod to cover your desired area.

Irregularly Shaped Areas:

If your lawn area has complex or irregular shapes, it may require additional sod to cover the corners or odd angles. These areas may result in leftover pieces from full rolls, which can be used to fill in smaller gaps.

Consult with Genesis Sod Farms and Local Suppliers:

To get the most accurate estimation for your specific project, it is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation with Genesis Sod Farms. We will be able to provide detailed information about our specific sod pallet sizes, the square footage coverage per roll, and any additional considerations based on the unique characteristics of your lawn area.

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