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Sod, also known as turf, is the upper layer of soil with the grass growing on it that is often harvested into rolls. If you’re curious why it’s called sod, you’re not alone. It should first be noted that the term ‘sod’ is only used in America and, more specifically, in agricultural senses. If you are reading this from Britain, you’ll already be aware of the fact that ‘sod’ is used in the term ‘sod off’ which is the fancier way of telling someone to go away. But for those of you in America still wondering what the deal is with sod, here is explanation: the word originates from Middle Dutch sode (‘turf’) or Middle Low German sôde/soede (‘turf’), and Old Frisian sātha (‘sod’), all being of uncertain ultimate origin. In conclusion, sod is called ‘sod’ thanks to the evolution of language over time.

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